A happy new year

A happy new year to all who are interested in the project EU-StORe, in open educational resources, quality in eLearning, the EU-StORe partnership and in pedagogical work with new media.

The EU-StORe team

Discussion on visualisation and OER

Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner discussed on visualisation at the KOMDIM workshop in Duisburg.
The visualisations of creative thinking processes as well as project and meeting results can be used as OERs in learning processes as well. Moreover the documentation of learning processes in groups can also be done in a way classical and graphic recording. Especially, for schools and teachers who use moderation techniques in their teaching graphic recording could be really a helpful tool. The illustration as an OER also offers the opportunity to provide other people with an visual approach to the topic.

EU-StORe on the fair: Perspektiven 2015

The fair “Perspektiven 2015″ is a fair for education and vocational education in Magdeburg, Germany. It takes place on the 9th and10th of october 2015.

The Chair of Business and Human Resource Education II of the  University of Paderborn EU-StORe is present at this fair and provides insights in the project and in the European Quality Standards for OER designed in the EU-StORe project.

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First EU-StORe Newsletter

Dear Readers,

We are very happy that the EU-StORe project has a lot of interested target groups.
Therefore, we are now able to provide you with the newsletter, which comes up with interesting information about the database and the quality standards:


Please visit our facebook sites to keep yourself up-to-date about the ongoing project processes and our results!





Third Partner Meeting in Valletta, Malta

Today the third EU-StORe partner meeting has started in Valletta, Malta.
This afternoon the consortium started with a presentation about the project overview and a 5-minutes- presenation from every partner.

Many thanks to all participants for their greate support and effort!

Here you can find the link to the time- schuedule of the meeting: