Monthly Archives: January 2015

EU-StORe Workshop in Sibiu, Romania

The EU-StORe Kick-off workshop in Sibiu, Romania started today with information about the core elements of the project and a discussion on Open Educational Resources (OER). Some of the partners already met each other at a social dinner the night before to get an impression of the educational systems and the chances and challenges for Europe.
The start of the workshop lead to interesting facts and was a good basis for the future work.

Identifying OER in Europe and creating standard to assure quality is an important aspect in EU-StORe and all partners were aware that the is a way to get closer to a common view on didactical material and learning resources. It is not only providing material like it is discussed in so many parts of European policy and offered on different plattforms. The real challenge for a teacher, an educator or a course creator is to select material and to decide which one fits to the needs of the target group as well as which on is material which is created with a clear didactical concept. Therefore, it is important to seperate better OER from weaker approches.

The standards and quality criteria of EU-StORe and the rating of OER according to them are a very good ooportunity to deal with this problem and to foster transparency and better education all over Europe.

Feel free to discuss with us on the topic of OER and quality standards and accompany our EU-StORe project over the time of the criteria development, the rating of OER and the future steps.

Welcome to the discussion!

Marc Beutner (project coordinator)