Downloads Workshop 1: Kick- Off Meeting in Romania

Meeting in Romania

Management Meeting with all 7 EU-StORe partners from RO, DE, UK, IE, IT,  MT

This meeting will take place approximately in October 2014.

Downloads of the first kick- off meeting in Romania:

Presentation University Paderborn

EU-StORe_2015-01-19 A Introduction_UPB

EU-StORe_2015-01-19 B The EU-StORe project_UPB

EU-StORe_2015-01-19 C Administrative information

EU-StORe_2015-01-19 D Steps ahead_UPB

EU-StORe_2015-01-20 E EU-StORe project – short overview_UPB

Presentation all Partners

EU-StORe_2015-01-20 F Research OER

EU-StORe_2015-01-21 G Next Steps_UPB

EU-StOre – meeting Sibiu – presentation UK

EU-StORe- Meeting RO-Sibiu – Presentation IE

EU-StORe- Meeting RO-Sibiu – Presentation IT

EU-StORe- Meeting RO-Sibiu – Presentation RO


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