OER are important – EU-StORe could be finished sucessfully

The EU-StORe project finished sucessfully at the end of August 2016. The whole project team and a broad audience are happy with the created quality criteria for OER and the OER rating platform. Moreover, the EU-StORe book could be finalised and the showcases as well as the handbook could be created and provided to the OER interested audience. The criteria are most important to ensure high quality OER and they are a big step towards a more transparent world of OER. Open educational resources are important for the future of education. It is crucial that the EU and the different countries take them into account.

On a OER meeting in Cologne, Germany in June 2016 Prof. Dr. Marc Beutner, the one who had the idea for EU-StORE and initiated the project, put it in the following words:

“It is not enough to focus on OER and collect or share them. It is important to realise that only high quality OER are useful to improve eduction. It is not good and easy for users to search through hundreds or thousands of OER, when they are not sure what they address, what type of OER these offers are and what quality they have. It is crucial to ensure quality of OER. It ist time for Europe to face this challenge. The EU-StORe quality criteria for OER are an important step towards such a new view an OER and support innovative education while ensuring that this education is done in a qualitative excellent way.”