EU-Store Workshops

There were five workshops in EU-stORe

The first workshop took place in Sibiu, Romania. It was the THE EU-STORE KICK-OFF MEETING from January 19th to 21st 2015. The partners had an introduction to the project and worked on core project aspects of OER and the use and quality of OER. Moreover, financial and adminstrative information was provided and discussed as well as the next steps of the project.


The second workshop was hosted in Paderborn, Germany. It was the THE EU-STORE QUALITY STANDARD MEETING from July 1st to 3rd 2015. The partners discussed the selected OER for EU-StORe and focussed on the OER Inventory. The team discussed possible quality criteria for the rating of OER. Also the internal Web-Portal for the rating of OER was introduced and discussed. The partners did a demo-rating of an OER. Also in this meeting we discussed, financial and adminstrative aspects and talked about the next steps of the project.


The third workshop took place in Valetta, Malta. It was the EU-STORE EVALUATION AND STANDARD IMPLEMENTATION MEETING –
from September 08th to the 10th 2015.
The team discussed the current situation in the project and discussed the EU-StORe Survey. We discussed the survey tool and its use as well as th questions and items. An addtional point to discuss was the survey organisation. The discussion on OER and the use in the different partner countries was an important aspect. In this meeting the team focussed as well again on finances, reporting and next steps.


The fourth workshop was the THE EU-STORE OER AND LEARNING SCENARIO CONFERENCE. It was hosted in Rome, Italy from January 27th to 29th 2016. On this meeting the partners discussed the OER database and how to create the scenarios. Moreover, we talked abot the Showcases, a prestenation and discussion of the scenarios with a broader audience. In an active part we created scenarios and discssed how to create the showcases. The team decided about the OER book and talked about the last steps ahead. The general discussion about the finances was helpful as well.


The final workshop the EU-STORE OER CONFERENCE – in London, UK was held from May 30th to June 01st 2016.
The team presented the result of the project, focussed on the created OER scenarios and discussed the importance of OER and quality criteria as well as the book and the policy paper. With regard to the final report the structure and the necessary documents were discussed again. The last tasks to do were reflected and a EU-StORe Video was filmed as well.
This was another additional aspect to reach a broader audience.